“Too often clients wait until there are problems with a project before seeking legal counsel. A simple, preliminary review of a proposed construction contract, the scope of work specification, or even a second opinion of a feasibility study, prior to initiating a project, can save a client a significant amount of money and worry. By maintaining current credentials in both architecture and law, I have the experience to examine and analyze issues of design, development, and construction from a diverse perspective. I have a balanced response and can simplify and apply practical solutions and/or direct approaches.

My representation includes the interests of a number of participants in the real estate development process. Subcontractors who have been denied payment, due to conflicts between a general contractor and a primary client, have been helped by our services. Homeowners have benefited in seeking relief from construction defects and inadequate construction warranties. Design professionals, architects, and engineers can have their malpractice claims analyzed as well as prosecute for copyright and trademark infringement.” (Christopher T. Restak) DISCLAIMER

If you have questions, concerning our service, please feel free to call me or email me, and I will respond to your question as soon as I can get back to you. Please be advised, that I cannot guarantee that your email or faxed correspondence will be confidential and that no contractual arrangement is formed as a consequence of your initial contact.